Something Pre-Transgender Women can do to Feel Like a Girl

For us shemale, days before transitioning can be very depression and endless. We have to wait for a very long time before we are permitted to start transitioning and start to live our life with the right gender. I know it is just a matter of time before we are granted with the right gender identity and how relieved it can be, but it still can be so much better if I can live more like a girl. Whenever I was on a trans dating relationship, I would wish that if I could be more like a girl.

I would like to share my plan on how to cope with transitioning and gender dysphoria. These are the things you can do to make you feel more like a girl.

Change your wardrobe. My transitioning started around 10 years ago by crossdressing like a woman. I often imagined the situation if I am in a transgender dating relationship, what would I wear. My wardrobe covered pretty much everything of a man and woman, including tight jeans, loose shirts, short skirts, and some club clothes which are not suitable for daily wearing. Therefore, for me, I conducted a plan of getting rid of the old and bringing the new. I needed a collection of more elegant and normal clothes to wear on a daily basis. You can spend days on online shopping and collect a serious of clothes you like.

I was clocked once for my hair in a trans dating relationship. Before laser treatment, I covered my beard with foundation. I always have serious problem with my hair, especially on my chin and around my upper lip. I think this is also a major issue for most transgender women. I remember there are so many times in the morning when I looked at the mirror, I was hunted by my dark face for a very long time. However, after I decided to do sometime about it, I found some special concealer, which is usually used to cover the dark circle around eyes, pimples or scars by dressers. These kinds of concealer can perfectly solve the issue of my dark chin and upper lip. You can try it and I am sure you will find it very soothing.

I began my lessons for voice change. Let's face it, even you are looking like a pretty girl from the outside, but you will eventually be exposed after you start talking. You can't sound like a man when you are in a transgender dating. This is often the reason why many transgender women get clocked. Most transgender women need to change their voice. Changing voice is a major step in transitioning.

Practice make up skill. I love making up. I love to wear different make up in days and night to demonstrate different weathers or moods. Whenever I was out on a trans dating, i would wear different makeups. You may not be a big fan of making up, but for transgender women, making up is very helpful to achieve a feminine outside look. I believe that making up can be a very good method to cope with your gender dysphoria. At least for me, it worked very well. You can see it as a way to escape from the reality, but it prevented me from hurting my family and loved ones and boosted my confidence.