Things You Had Better Not Do on the First Tranny Date

Generally speaking, the first ts date have many taboos. If you break these taboos on the condition that you are unaware of them at all, it may make your transgender dating partner feel uncomfortable, or even remove you from her dating list. Only when you understand the taboos in dating can you avoid them. Here's a list of dating taboos that you can't do on a date.

Don’t hide your real identity

This is especially important in ts dating. To disclose your transgender identity to your dating partner is a kind of respect to your partner. Even if he knows you are transgender in advance, you should take the initiative to tell him. Only in this way can the other party feel that you are a sincere person. If you keep your identity secret until he finds it by himself, he may leave you because you are not sincere to him. Dishonesty can be deadly in dating, especially on the first several date crossdresser.

Don’t be negative

When you date crossdresser, don't complain about restaurant service, food or anything. In short, don't pass negative energy on to your date. Too many negative words can make your date feel like you are a negative person with a negative attitude towards life. Such people are seldom welcomed by others. So try to spread positive energy to your dating partner,because everyone wants to be infected by people with positive energy around them.

Don’t tell your date everything

In fact, many people in life make this mistake when dating. In order to get closer to their dating partners faster and to show their sincerity, many people choose to tell others everything about themselves at the first several date crossdresser, including good and bad. Maybe many people will assume that the other party can accept everything about them. But that's not the case. When a person doesn't know you well enough, your bad side may leave a bad impression on him. Even close friends should have their own secrets, not to mention dating partners who are not long acquainted with each other. Saying everything about you will not only make you leave a bad impression on others, but may also put you in danger. You should keep your private information confidential. Otherwise, it will cause property damage and endanger our personal safety.

Don’t cross the boundary

In transgender dating, there are boundaries not only in speech, but also in the body. Transgender dating is the transition from strangers to ideal dating partners. So don't try to make great progress on the first several dates, especially physical contact. Progressing too fast may be detrimental to your dating, because it is not pure and stable to skip the stage of mutual understanding and enter the stage of physical intimacy. In addition, when you don't know each other, physical intimacy may cause harm to your body.