Tips for Transsexual Dating: Do's and don'ts

Relationship with a transsexual woman is just as simple as relationship with other real genital women. But, beside this, many of us think that transsexual women are not good for relationship and only looking for sex and money. That's one of the main reasons that a man is always seeing a transsexual woman only for sex favor and not for relationship. There are many misconceptions that were already built by cisgender to dominate transsexual in between sex favors and relationship. There are many things that need to be change when we talk about dating with transsexual women. Many of us still didn't understand the concept of dating with transsexual and what exactly transsexual are looking for when they on dating with cisgender.

Here are few tips that every cisgender must follow when going out for a date with a transsexual woman. Here are the tips.

Don't ask silly questions, don't think that your transsexual partner will teach you: Your trans dating partner is not your teacher and it's better to avoid any questionnaire with her. You have Google to know your answers better. In between your date, it is strictly prohibited or restricted to ask any question about her sexual status, gender identity or anything like - difference between transsexual and transgender. Are transgender and crossdresser are same or there is difference between transgender and crossdresser. If yes, what exactly the difference is? Avoid these kinds of silly questions while you are on date with a transsexual woman. This is not the right time or even a right person to ask these critical questions in between of your date and this might also spoil all your mood and your partners too if you didn't get any appropriate response or your transsexual partner may also take this as a insult and your relationship might end here for no reason. So, enjoy the moment when you both are together and avoid and critical or sensitive discussion that might hurt any of you two.

Speak gently and show some respect and gesture: It's better to call her by her name whatever the name is or it's much better if you introduced her in front of your friends or family as your friend or girl friend instead of "tranny", "Ladyboy" or "Shemale". These are all insulting terms and basically used in porn movies. Any transsexual women that have some self respect will never accept that you will call her by these insulting terms.

Never hide your relationship: Never ever thinks that transsexual women are not good to take out to public place and you can't introduce your transsexual woman to any of your friend, family or relative. There are people who think that transsexual women are only good for sex but they are the best to take out and introduce publicly with others.

There are many more things that you need to take care when you are going out for a date with your transsexual woman. It's basically your responsibility to make her happy and cheerful.