What do transgender people suffer during dating?

To be honest, as a transgender, my dating journey wasn't that smooth. Because a lot of people want to go out with me not because they're really crazy about me but because they want to try out what it's like to go out with me, or because they want to satisfy some of their perverted ideas. Finding a suitable date is not that easy for us either. Because we may also suffer from discrimination or abuse in one way or another.

We really don't want to be seen as a fetish or a novelty. A lot of people want to be intimate with us just to satisfy their fetish. We are transgender not because we are psychopathic or what we are, but because we have chosen to make our biological gender the same as our psychological gender. For those who are born ciswomen, they are very lucky. For us, we may even think that the creator treats us unfairly. Why do we have to make such efforts is not fully become a real woman? We don't become transgender to satisfy our own fetishes of transgender hookup, we just want to be who we really want to be. So we didn't do anything wrong or hurt anyone. Besides, we also want to be respected and loved. This is my innermost thought.

Of course, some of the men I've dated a crossdresser. This seems to be one of the most common and hot questions in trans dating. I know people inevitably have all kinds of curiosity about our bodies, but besides our bodies to talk about, there's a lot to talk about throughout our transgender dating, isn't there? We can also talk about how we can both feel more relaxed and comfortable. We can also know each other's character or life from our communication. This makes me feel like I'm really being treated as a full trans gender hookup partner rather than an object.

We need to be understood, and we want to be taken seriously. I've had a lot experiences of date a crossdresser , but only a few men really listen to my inner voice, and only a few are willing to communicate with me. I've really been in the same situation a million times. Men seemed more interested in my body than they were in listening intently to my views on family, life and work. One conclusion I can draw from this state of affairs is that most of my dating partners just see me as a fetish. So, they will choose to ignore our views. I think that's one of the saddest things that ever happened to me when we weren't being listened to on a date.

If you really like a shemale or a ladyboy, then you really have to treat her like a complete person. They want a great relationship and a great life just as much as you do. Only when you truly respect shemale and ladyboy can you reap truly good things.